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Dec. 21, 2003

I am in training for the month of January to take over for Margaret Sanders at the Nenana Senior Center. I am looking for any help in regards to funding for our centers meal program. We serve meals to about 20 -30 seniors M-W-F and deliver to about 5 shut ins on these days. I am also interested in any menu ideas that you find are favorites in your area. We have one cook , a volunteer kitchen-aid, a driver and myself. Any ideas you could share from your experience on food donations, fund raising and special programs will be greatly appreciated. After Jan. 1,2004 I will be going through all our files and forms to see exactly where our funding comes from now so any additional ideas from you would be great. Thank you!

Diane Carson, Nenana Senior Center

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I am sure you know the dilemma our fishermen face this coming summer. Lots of salmon are suppposed to come back to SE Alaska und a lot of the fishermen have no home for their salmon. Our group would be willing to give the chums away if you send a tender to the fishing grounds to pick them up and bring them some ice to keep the fish cool.

Elisbeth Babich, Northern Keta

   Top      Canned Food Drive Ideas Needed

I am trying to start a canned food drive and need ideas on themes or slogans,suggestsed food lists lists of local agencys to donate to ect. Please help it is my first canned food drive. Thanks!

Eric Blomskog, Mat Su College

   Top      An Unusual Project for Turkey Collection
Althea St. Martin of Senator Murkowski's office in Fairbanks hit the big 50 birthday, and decided that she did not want a lot of "over the hill" gag gifts sent to her. She wanted to invest in her community, so she asked several friends to form a committee, with the goal of collecting 50 turkeys to be given away through the Food Bank at Thanksgiving. Announcements were made through the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary meeting, and generous donors (at $10 apiece) gave her over $1,000 to purchase turkeys. At 39 cents a pound, that was 256 turkeys!

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